We help to get all kinds of regulatory approvals to start your Stock Broking, DP, PMS, AIF, RIA, NBFC. Implementation of technology is the next key idea. You get going with your vore objective and we will take care of all formalities relating to business set up . With in- depth knowledge of applicable laws, regulatory structure, technology capabilities and efficient handling of process schedules KICMS can give you a very safe hand.

System Audit and Cyber security

Cyber security is the most complex problem the financial services sector faces. KICMS reduces the complexity of such risks so that share brokers , advisories , insurance companies, investment firms, and fin tech ventures can operate with confidence. Our team offloads burdens from your internal resources, enabling you to have a competitive advantage with a strong security posture. This allows your internal team members to focus on their core objectives and success of the organization.

Software development

Every client is unique. There will be an abundance of new ideas when it comes to customization. Though we are delivering customized software for financial intermediaries, the need for more customization will increase if your plans are unique . We offer software development for such entities.


How much time you spent on necessary--but uncompensated--tasks that ultimately don't add value? Out source your back office functions to Excella Back office Solutions.

Ensure high level of

  • Accuracy
  • Security / Confidentiality
  • Flexibility

Excella provides a complete outsourcing solution for Investment advisers

Our outsourcing services cover all aspects of starting and operating an independent, Share brokers , PMS, Registered Investment Advisory practice and other intermediaries. We believe clients should have the flexibility to choose the functions they handle and those they outsource.

We have a three-step approach for practice consulting:

  • Initial evaluation call to determine your needs
  • Proposal draft based on initial consultation
  • Final review of the proposal to incorporate any additional feedback.

We provide help with all the details including Client preliminary level entry, submitting and tracking transfers, performance reporting and posting, fee billing, Tax reporting , data migration, website integration and much more. Our highly qualified back office team will work with you in all facets of the transition.

We utilize state of the art technology tools to facilitate the workflow between the clients office and our back office team. This ensures fluent communication between the client and the back office. It also helps keep everyone on the same page and on track. Once the on boarding process is complete, a dedicated staff will be assigned at Excella for day to day task performance.

IT infrastructure management

When you start a business as a financial service intermediary your main focus should be on client acquisition and increasing AUM. Rest of the jobs like structung office and IT infrastructure can be outsourced. Security and data integrity are primary challenges for the new firms. Our cloud platforms will give you complete security and accessibility. As you are dealing with sensitive data , lack of proper IT infra may harm your business. Leave this job to KICMS , we will do the best in class IT infra service.


Much used word in the financial service industry!! Companies are forced to appoint compliance officers to tackle the regulatory changes which come frequently. This job requires very deep knowledge in regulations related to the issue matters. You can outsource this job to as we are doing SEBI submissions, SEBI audit, etc

Litigation & Arbitration

Arbitration is a vitally important area to enhance ease of doing business . In our country it is an emerging area. In depth business knowledge and legal knowledge is necessary for doing arbitration in the financial sector. Our team is stand ready for take this challenge.

HR services

Talented HR is the key area for all companies. When it comes to the financial service sector it requires good experience in handling difficult situations too. We recruit , provide training and indust people for financial sector jobs.